Migraine is a common form of headache that burdening and reducing productivity of the sufferers. I never heard anybody never had a migraine in his/her life.

I am an occasional migraine sufferer, and all I did was taking a medicine.

Although taking medication is common, you need to understand what migraine is, what causes migraine and how to manage your migraine, minimising the impact of it on your life.

Migraine: Mechanism and Management by Richard Kraig is, in my opinion, a great knol on the ins and outs of migraine. My most useful information from the knol is regarding the lifestyle issues.

As a coffee enthusiast, I interested in Richard Kraig’s take on caffeine consumption – it can actually help migraine sufferer, as well as a trigger to migraine. Here is what Richard Kraig explain about caffeine:

It (caffeine – ed) can help stop migraine and amplifies the pain power of analgesics. However, drinking about two cups of coffee a day is enough to become addicted to caffeine. Caffeine withdrawal occurs about twelve hours after the last dose of caffeine and can trigger a migraine.

The conclusion is that the effect of caffeine is different from one person to another. In more general cases, the migraine trigger is different for each person. Visit your doctor to identify the role of caffeine in your migraine.

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