Top 10 Dog Training Mistakes

Are your trying to train your turquoise bridesmaid dresses dog hard but not yielding the results you would expect? Changes are, you did overlook small mistakes that makes training your dog a harder task. This valuable tips for dog lovers from the Google Knol by Brian Webbe gives you top 10 dog training mistakes to avoid. Here is [...]

Circumcision and Human Behavior

Although circumcision for male, medical-wise, is proven to be beneficial, male neonatal non-therapeutic circumcision proves to have behavioral side effects, some permanently into the adulthood. A very informative knol exploring on the relationship of circumcision and human behaviour, written by George Hill, explains the side effects and the reasons why neonatal non-therapeutic circumcision is not [...]

How to Plan Your Weekly Food Menu at Home

Fancy entertaining your friends and family eating at home, the Jamie Oliver’s way? I guess you understand that although seems easy, planning your weekly food menu for a ‘regular visit’ is challenging. Fear not, a knol by Von Cook titled “Planning a Food Menu at Home” shows you exactly how to plan for your meal [...]

How to Date Online

If you looking for someone to hang out with, you can try date online. No, the idea of online dating is not through IRC or other chatting platform anymore. Today, online dating site offer tools to help you find the right dating partner. Sean Novak wrote a knol that cover the basic and offer some [...]

How To Test Your Coffee Brewer

If you are a coffee enthusiast, perhaps you have already understand that the two most important thing in a cup of coffee with a great taste is the bean and the brewer. Kevin Sinnott explained in his knol, that no matter how expensive the beans, if you don’t have a good brewer, you won’t get [...]

Silver – History and Production

The word “silver” is rooted from the anglo-saxon word “siolfur”.  The chemical symbol of silver is Ag on the periodical table and this is derived from argentum in Latin (meaning bright).  Silver is widely used since the ancient times.  Silver coins were even used by various nations that survived before Christ. Silver was invented about [...]

Nov 122009
Airsoft Guns

Airsoft is both an hobby and a sports. It’s an hobby where people collects realistic and non-lethal replicas of many types of popular firearms. It’s a sports where people prepares events where they play battle games against friends with these non-lethal shooting replicas of firearms. An airsoft gun is an exact replica of its original. [...]